Perros Guirec la Côte de Granit rose

Côtes de granit Rose

A 90 kms west seaside resort, Marina 20 km of coastline in the sea pink granite rocks carved by giving them unusual shapes, Make a detour PLEUMEURBODOU, important station Telecommunications.

Plouha en face du camping bellevue mer Côtes d'Armor Bretagne


A 43 kms – Cliffs of Plouha, the highest in Britain protected site Discovery Trail – Port Gwin Zégal with his boat mooring on wooden stakes.

foret huelgoat

Forêt d'Huelgoat

Birthplace of many Celtic legends, Forest Huelgoat, or “Breton Fontainebleau,” is best known for curiosity and the beauty of its rocks, a pile of blocks rounded to the chaotic arrangement that inspired many stories. Y also winds the Silver River, domain fairy Huelgoat. 100 kms.

Pontrieux à l'Ouest du camping bellevue mer


A 54 kms -Magnificent fortified castle of Roche Jagu is a XV century building, overlooking the valley of Trieux, its river port, and finally the famous 54 laundries restored ….

Tréveneuc en face du camping bellevue mer Bretagne Côtes d'Armor


The coastline of Tréveneuc is characterized by high cliffs which the tip of Bec Virwith view over the bay of Saint-Brieuc, and several beaches and strikes. A great place for sea kayaking.


Les enclos paroissiaux

The parish enclosures constitute a unique architectural ensemble in France, consisting of a church, a wall (hence the name), a monumental portal or triumphal arch, a calvary and a ossuary.
Most of the parish closes Brittany is in the northern and central Finistere. 110 kms

Saint-quay portrieux en face du camping Bellevue mer

Saint-Quay Portrieux

At 35 kms – Important tourist resort Fishing port and marina in deep water Beautiful panorama of the ancient coastal footpath Viewpoint Semaphore.


Archipel de Bréhat

A 66 kms – Small island of 3.5 km long by 1.5 km wide this paradise enjoys a microclimate very pleasant to explore on bike or on foot (no cars) 10 min crossing.

les sculptures

La vallée des saints

The Valley of the Saints (Traonienn ar Sent in Breton) is a French association with a project of monumental statuary established in Britain. The idea behind this project is to achieve a Breton Island Easter of the Third Millennium“, a place of spirituality honoring Breton collective memory, which is designed to accommodate large granite statues (about three meters height) with the effigy of 1000 Breton saints (which are represented with a face and their attributes).