Moncontour cité médiévale en Bretagne dans les Côtes d'Armor


20 kms This small town formerly fortified character walking tour, old houses, walls, narrow streets. Remarkable stained glass windows of the sixteenth century in St-Mathurin church. Chouannerie and Revolution Museum.

Quintin Côtes d'Armor Bretagne


A 27 kms and 10 minutes from St-Brieuc, this small town overlooks the valley Gouët – The Basilica keeps a piece of belt of the Virgin Mary relic brought from the Holy Land by a lord of Quintin in the thirteenth century Castle Museum – Houses old – Beautiful pond.

Chaos du Gouêt à Plaintel

Chaos du Gouët

Built of granite cluster in the riverbed of Gouët, natural jewels of this walk of 4.5km (through the village of St. Julien and 3rd right by the Prétoquis) .site classified located between the towns of Saint-Julien, Plain -High and Plaistow. Along the rushing river of Gouët you can meditate on the power of nature that created these rock piles.

Abbaye de Bon Repos

Abbaye de Bonrepos

The Notre-Dame de Bon-Repos is located in the municipality of Saint-Gelven in the Côtes d’Armor department, in Brittany, France. It is located along the Blavet also Nantes-Brest canal there.

Ploermel Le lac au Duc

With its 250 hectares, the Lac au Duc is one of the largest bodies of water in Britain. In this large-format frame, sports, fresh air swallowers, fishermen

Chateau de Bogard près du camping bellevue mer en Bretagne dans les Côtes d'Armor

Château de Bogard

17 kms, The Castle of Bogard is a monument to the late eighteenth century, visits (balloon flights)

Lac de Guerlédan centre Bretagne

lac de Guerlédan

60 kms in central Brittany, Lake guerlédan will surprise you with the mineral and wooded beauty of its sites (cruises, water sports, hiking etc ..)

Route du lin

la route du lin

The House of Saint cloths Thélo, Website of Murettes with Atelier Weaving Museum in Uzel, the many beautiful merchant houses with architecture “French” in Quillio, Uzel, Thélo Saint, Saint Hervé, Allineuc (Grand Bosméléac) Merléac , gifted (ponds involving the laundering of linen cloth), religious heritage (shrines, chapels and church, churchyard of Quillio) or the old halls with paintings (the current town hall Grace-Uzel) are the witnesses of this manufacturing epic canvas Britains” that make today all the rich heritage of the Route du Lin.

Château de Josselin


The Josselin Castle is a majestic place a remarkable reminder of the architecture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Forêt de Brocéliande

Brocéliande Forest is a mythical forest imagined by Christian of Troy in the late 12th century. In his novel Arthurian the “Lion Knight“, he invented this forest wonders drawing of a little known forest Britain for its legends and other wonderful stories, Bréchéliant”.