Fort la Latte

A 52 kms- true “eagle’s nest” perched 60 m. above the sea this is a real fortress castle, with its two drawbridges, accessible by a path savagely place many films: The Vikings,” “Chouans”


Barrage de la Rance

A 60 kms – Tidal Power Plant (the first in the world) with a 750 m dike. It operates on the principle of ancient tidal mills – Browse the seawall walk, beautiful view – Visit the free factory.

Près du camping BelleVue Mer en Côtes d'Armor Chateau de la Hunaudaye


30 kms Castle The Hunaudaye, in a wooded area, restoration, important ruins of the fortress of the Middle Ages built in 1220 – Animation, shows in season – Farm Museum Holy Spirit Hood.



A 33 kms – active fishing port, capital of the shell St Jacques, clam in a pretty pink sandstone cliffs – Castle of Bien-Assis Many beaches Pleasant walks on the footpaths overlooking the reef.



A 60 kms – During the Belle Epoque, the most exclusive resort of France, frequented by an international clientele, mainly English. Luxurious villas.



A 65 kms – “City of the Corsairs“, the top of its walls one discovers the city and its site – Wonderful walk on the walkway Island of Grand Be the tomb of Chateaubriand.


Le mont Saint Michel

A 108 kms – Wonder of the West” Original site very rich history beautiful architecture – 80 m. height Abbey dominates the Bay as the sea back to the speed of a galloping horse– Walk around Mount on the walkway Mont St-Michel leaves visitors with an unforgettable memory.


Le Cap Fréhel

A 52 km – Wild Nature Reserve – Birds and interesting flora – Great view on a clear day -70 m. of sheer cliffs Coastal road through heather-covered moors, broom and gorse.



A 54 kms -One of the oldest medieval towns in Britain with its maze of cobbled streets and half-timbered houses Strolling down the street Jerzual leading down to the docks, streets lined with artisan shops Castle View Duchess Anne.